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Why these portraits ?

Because the Virtual Art is running, and I wonder about the future of creators who work in the solitude of their workshop, here are some portraits of creators that I wanted to paint in the light.

Capitalist speculators, the very people who today control artistic goods, claim that tomorrow; Art will only be virtual, immaterial, clean and odorless. In the process of creating a work, we build, we capture forces and in the immediacy we feel our soul vibrate. Are we not going to have indefinable frustration if we can no longer caress, shape the material, manipulate the materials and if we can not smell anymore?Will we still be afraid of not succeeding?

Will we have the same enthusiasm to do? Will we be free to decide? If they want to exist and live their Art, needy creators, already confronted with the elitism and contempt of unscrupulous individuals will have to trade their equipment against a machine. Will a work produced by computers makes us feel the same emotions as when we contemplate a work worked by the genius of the hand that solicits intelligence? How can we differentiate a virtual reality from the real? What will become of all these inventive creators, who transform the material and who will not want to follow this movement. They are talented and face great difficulties in living their Art, because they have to pay for very expensive locations to exhibit on the art markets? Because they receive an income only if they sell their creations and because they have to become slaves in a speculative world of Art.

After the pressing of a society of over-consumption that manipulates us, devours us and destroys nature, here is the time of the automation of Art. How much will we disobey and rebel? Is not there a danger to discover only images on images? Will we still make the effort to imagine? Do not we risk becoming automata bombarded by waves and locked in a virtual image? I think Computing is useful when it allows us to communicate, to improve our concepts, when it helps us to concretize our creations but it can be destructive, if these productions become pre-fabricated, formatted and manipulative. It is the machine that works by powerful software, making us physically inactive.Will there still be carelessness, clumsiness and accidents, which are sometimes the cause ofmasterpieces ? What place will be left for spontaneity, unexpectedness and irregularity ? What will be aesthetics, the search for harmony and free will ? What will become of the passion of the Artist locked in a space, facing his screen ?What will become of science intimately linked to Art ?

Do not we go a little more, imprison ourselves in individualism, forget to discover the world,ignore nature and get lost in unreality ?

Josse SAYA – may 2019

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